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The Offensive Line

Jul 31, 2023

We did a live show at Tampa Bay Comic Con and this time we got the whole thing recorded. We talk about movies, comics and so much more. We even gave out cash prizes this time around! Enjoy the live show! 



2519 Soul Food and More

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Jul 23, 2023

Another great show with just Zack and Erick as they gear up for comic con. Zack got some new video games for his old game consoles. Erick shocked Zack with a last minute gift that showed up right on Zack's Birthday. Erick then goes into detail of the gift and how it was made. The Tampa Bay Comic Con Ad is out and people...

Jul 17, 2023

Merv is our guest because we had to record an ad spot for Tampa Bay Comic Con. Everyone talked about what days they're going to Comic Con, show times and more. Erick helped a homeless man that got attacked but the cops got into the mix and he had to give a statement. Erick goes into detail on why he snitched but Merv...

Jul 11, 2023

You only get Erick and Zack this week on top of that Erick isn't feeling that hot. How was your 4th of July? Erick ended up going to 2 CrossFit events and Zack had a costly cookout. They talked about Tampa Bay Comic-Con and the ad they got planned. Zack tell Erick more about the AEW Wrestling game and the WWE 2K. Erick...

Jul 2, 2023

Our guest couldn't make it today so it was just Erick and Zack. Out of the gate Erick and Zack are talking about the joy of the number 69. Erick and Zack talk about being rejected and turning people down. Erick realize he wasn't compatible with a lady that goes to EDM. Erick talks about Batman's Tequila and the...