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The Offensive Line

Feb 26, 2018

We had Comedian Genesis on the show today. We learned that Genesis love comic book movies as everyone touched on Black Panther again. The new comedians on the Orlando Scene and how much fun they are. What do Genesis think about Trump and what Blackman cooked for the Sunday. Should Monique taken the Netflex money she was...

Feb 18, 2018

Today on the show we had Ryan Gonyon and Edric Eero back on the show making it very funny and action packed show. Zack talked about seeing the Black Panther movie with Blackman. It's to much to get into but over all a great show this time around.



Another Trump Affair, Another Cover-Up

Feb 11, 2018

It's a Black History Month! Sorry for the delay but we had black comic Alex Jean-Baptiste. He's a new Orlando comedian and is pretty damn funny guy. Zack is back to drinking after taking a 2 month break plus had to drive a pick-up truck with a Trump sticker on the back. Alex let everyone know that Kevin Heart sex tape...

Feb 3, 2018

It's been long over due but we had local Orlando comedian Kirk Bonacci on the show. Kirk just got into vaping not to long ago. He talks about being a vapist, wearing sunglasses inside buildings and how Blackman doesn't take that many pictures of him on the comedy scene. Rugrats has a new porn parody called Tugrats and...