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The Offensive Line

Jan 27, 2019

We had Merv from the Mike and Merv show with his friend Juan on the show today. A lot WWE and movie talk on this show. You get to learn about WWE at it's lowest point when Mantar stepped into the ring. You'll get everyone talk about what they'll change about Back to the Future and Merv do a little research a...

Jan 21, 2019

Zack and Blackman hangout Saturday and Sunday. Saturday they did friend of the show Ramon Molledo podcast call Let's Be Friends. Then Sunday went to Universal Studios before recording. They talk about what a lady said about the ET ride. What type of rides should be in the Nintendo Theme Park and so much more.



Jan 13, 2019

We had Penguin Knife Fight and SAK Improv Comic Cody Bush on the show today. Zack talked about The Green Book and what movies made him cry. Cody let us know how it is working for Comic Cons and how he got the job. Blackman still give you a little Donald Duck as he was telling a story about bombing.



Jan 6, 2019

New Year new me right? Well you get to hear about how Zack and Blackman year kicked off. Zack asked Blackman about spotting people from CrossFit at fast food restaurants. At some point Blackman had to make the choice between not getting tickets to a theme park or being with lady. You'll be able to hear Zack's voice in a...