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The Offensive Line

Jan 26, 2020

That's right! We're back baby! We had Damien hosting the show like in the old days. Damien talked about this dating life and what he's been up to after leaving the show. No fighting between Blackman and Damien. It's going on close to 6 years at this point and we'll like to thank you for all the support.

Jan 19, 2020

Today we had Benjamin Brainard on the show. Ben has no clue what he's mixed with so Blackman got an 23 and Me test for him to take. You'll not going to find out what Ben is mixed with this show but he did go into details about his family and what happen in the Army Reserves. Ben gives a better timeline and how things...

Jan 12, 2020

Today we had Michael McMahan on the show from the ADHD Gamer podcast. So it should go without saying we talk about video games a lot. You get a better understanding of what everyone played in there childhood. Blackman talked about how his brother took his Sega Dreamcast back to Japan. Blackman has a Nvidia 2070 Super...

Jan 5, 2020

We are back baby! Well Blackman is anyways from the break. We talk about the episode Zack did where he was the host. Blackman was worried about Cancel Culture doing him in New Years Day. Zack like Uncut Gems and Jojo Rabbit plus gave a good review for both. We played Marry, Fuck, Kill with actors we know and love....