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The Offensive Line

Oct 29, 2023

Our guest today was Merv Ellis and he asked a question out of the gate talking about Furries. Zack is a fan of Goosebumps but is it the show or the movies? Merv and Zack talk about horror movies how some of them don't make sense. Would you travel back in time? Find out if Merv would do that and how far back would he...

Oct 23, 2023

Zack and Erick talked about the old dial up internet days with AOL. Erick talked about the comedy showcase he did with this new Halloween costume. Zack talk getting BK toys and trying to eat for free with Erick. Then Erick talks about this Halloween plans which turns into them talking about sexy costumes. Not that long...

Oct 15, 2023

Here we are again with Big Brother Gabe Erick is being hunted down by a Homeless man, Erick has a Christmas date, Cocaine is a hell of a thang, Free Brittney, Also maybe don't say the N word when Gabe is Present

Oct 8, 2023

Zack is back and he tells Erick about his time in Denver, Colorado. Erick catches Zack up on The Underware Show and what kind of boxers he was wearing. Zack had to get a new phone and tells everyone the reason why. Zack tells Erick about his nights out in Denver and how crazy the last night was. Erick tells Zack about...