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The Offensive Line

Aug 26, 2018

We had Comedian Lisa Roddavis on the show today. We talk about Lisa RBF and how Blackman feared her for the longest. Lisa wants new cabinets and was willing to work out a deal. Lisa told us about the odd names parents come up with and Zack showed Lisa a picture of roast beef. Lisa told us about how she got lock jaw not...

Aug 19, 2018

Tampa Comic Jacoby Bruton and good friend of the show was back on today. Zack don't go on dates but have meetings. A black girl told Zack thank you for a job well done. Korean people started to become main stream according to Zack in the 80's. Jacoby feel like Blackman really do like white women. Different Strokes had...

Aug 12, 2018

We're back in the studio after Tampa Bay Comic Con. We talk about what went wrong last recording and how we can fix it now that Zack is back in the studio. Blackman reached out to a person that pissed him off because he's working on being a better person. That person even called join the show in fact. Blackman talked...

Aug 5, 2018

We're going to be real with you, we didn't get the levels right so if someone got to loud you'll hear the audio cut out. We only did one show and we'll find out why once you listen.