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The Offensive Line

Feb 23, 2020

In this episode we have DJ COCOLATE! on and Zack is back from his Colorado trip. He talks about his trip and Dj talks about his time there too. Erick saw Sonic and gives a sorta non spoiler review. A bunch of banter goes on inbetween and some laughs happened as well. Enjoy Bay Bays!

Feb 16, 2020

Zack is out so we had Alex Jean Baptiste, Rob Smiles and Jimmy Fontaine on the show today. If you didn't know, Rob Smiles is rich but freaked out when Jimmy Fontaine said something about it. Jimmy feel that there isn't no rules when it comes to roasting people. Rob and Blackman got in a fight with a girl. Why would you...

Feb 9, 2020

We couldn't have a guest today and you'll find out the reason why on the show. You'll hear the new Intro music as well so I hope you like it! Blackman didn't like the fried check he made because it was his first time doing it. Zack never heard of a Kangol hats and now one want. There are a lot of good gaming bars and...

Feb 2, 2020

Today we have Chris Alexander on and Jacoby Burton. We talk of baptisms, what day cares should be called, and then some peronsal things that deal deal with "who be the daddy!". Then we go on long rambles about relationships and what they can mean to you! This episode is alot of back and fourth between us four but if ya...