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The Offensive Line

Apr 28, 2019

Today we had local Orlando Comedians Reid Nevins and Clayton Anderson in the studio. Zack open the show with Joe Osteen and the show is getting a little more faith base. We had a good talk about movies and including Avengers: Endgame so watch out for fake spoilers. 



The Glorious Rebellion - This is...

Apr 21, 2019

New Orlando Comedians Joshua Jewell and Brad Thomas was on the show today. Josh doesn't win much but he's pretty good at losing. Brad talks about winning a hot dog eating contest from the night before this recording. Blackman was having a fake baby for CrossFit because talking about getting a security clearance...

Apr 7, 2019

Today we had Billy Myers III on to talk about this new band album. The soundboard is down but Blackman is working on fixing the problem for good. Zack is really happy because today is Wrestlemania day and everyone is pretty lit for the most part. We pretty much talk about band life, Billy leaving the comedy scene and...