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The Offensive Line

Nov 25, 2018

No guest today but this was a lot different from most shows. It's the first time in awhile we really didn't take about sex. Blackman and Zack talk about there Thanksgiving break. Blackman had the case of the bubble guts which made it so he was locked down in one year. Zack's friend Carson was sitting in and talk...

Nov 18, 2018

Today we had on Comedian Christopher Robinson on the show today. Zack asked about Blackman's date that went wrong. Christopher and Zack debate about WWE and MMA. Which one is better? Because one of the guys blow out a titty but Zack things wrestling is real. 



mr. master - top5



The Offensive Line...

Nov 12, 2018

No guest today and we go into the reason why. Zack had more dates than Blackman which something Blackman don't have control over. Zack talked about Confusing Toilets, a soap opera idea about using different restrooms. The was a lot of talking about porn, politics and video game in this show



Sega77 - Pac-Man...

Nov 5, 2018

We had Charles Entress back on the show today to give us some freak nasty pain. You'll find the videos for that on the Facebook Page if that is your thing. Blackman and Zack talk about the dates they went on. Blackman got talked into going to a party by CrossFit Steven when he already had plans. 



panda - gucci...