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The Offensive Line

Mar 26, 2023

We had director and homeboy that runs Smart Mouth Films on the show today. There is a PlayStation 5 sale going on right now but Merv still doesn't want to pull the trigger. Merv want to put his mom on camera to tell stories while Erick just tell people to listen to old shows. Zack want Erick to put ashes in Merv's house once he pass away but as you know Merv is not ok with it at all. Erick got some ashes from when is friend pass away but Merv is not a fan of the container they are kept in. Merv ran into a WWE Star that was also on a TV show. A movie that Zack watched starts off with a dude long jacking his meat but it's a very good movie. Merv is ready to film Zack but Zack is a little worried about his thyroid. All of that plus so much more on today's show.



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