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The Offensive Line

Jun 27, 2021

Our guest had some personal stuff to deal with but that doesn't mean we didn't have a good time. Zack talked about getting alcohol into theme parks and Tampa Bay Comic Con. Zack wanted to be really good friends with Blackman's older brother Dwaine because he does important stuff at the Family Reunion. David Jolly asked...

Jun 20, 2021

Erick finally got Zack at his Family Reunion! 3 Years in the making! Erick and Zack also went to a comedy show that Lesley Jo was hosting and there was also a Blake Butler appearance!

Wonderful Weekend wonderful adventure that you can find out about when ya listen!

Jun 13, 2021

Our guest today was Comedian Vinny Santino from the Orlando Comedy scene. Blackman ran into a problem when it comes to the Family Reunion. Vinny have to make meatballs while Blackman was worried Vinny wouldn't like anything he cooked. All of that and so much more on today's show.



Wobble & Jemboy - Jump Around,...

Jun 6, 2021

Aimee is fully vaccinated and ready to do comedy again. You get to learn why Aimee like being first on the line up. The music Aimee and Blackman listen to are classic rock now. Aimee tell Blackman the joy of having kids and how the pandemic was treating her. Aimee is not a fan of CGI Alf eating cats and scary movies....