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The Offensive Line

Dec 31, 2023

Erick when to a few Christmas parties and Zack wanted to get a few licks in. Zack voice is a little different today but he manage to changed it up still. Erick talked about an web app he built and how he Googles a lot of stuff. Plus a little bit of movie talk when it comes to the family. 



Erick Feiling IG


Dec 13, 2023

Very short show because Erick had to take his brother to the airport. Erick and Zack talked about The Video Game Awards winners and losers. You get to learn about what the mob had to do with The Price is Right. Plus a movie is coming to a streaming service that Erick passed on but Zack already rented. Anyways enjoy the...

Dec 3, 2023

Zack forgot he owed Erick money but normally it's the other way around. Erick remember a movie when a black dude came and went at the same time. Erick talks about his new job and Zack said he'll be homeless in Tampa. A little into the show Merv stops by and starts asking questions. Merv got kicked by a kid at Wal-mart...