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The Offensive Line

Feb 18, 2024

No guest but you get to hear about old school cartoons. Zack wanted Erick to be a plus 1 for an event that he went to. A public domain movie did better than Madame Web with less money. Erick gives a review on Madame Web and what they could have done better. 



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Feb 11, 2024

We had Orlando Comedian Jess Torres on the show today and she came with notes. Jess shows Zack and Erick Drake's Snake and talks about how she got the video. Who is a pro at gas lighting and who got gas lit? Sometimes you got to just scoop it in if it doesn't look pretty. In the Black Community how do you know if you...

Feb 5, 2024

This show you get to hear about the women Erick when on a date with. Apple has a new VR headset that has people surfing the web and looking at stocks while driving or on the bus. Erick had a crazy dream that picked up where he lefted off later in the night. Then Zack talks about a guy at the gym holding out on...

Jan 29, 2024

We had Orlando Comic Darwin J back on again to talk about WWE scandal with Vince McMahon. Erick talks about which girl he likes more on the dates he went on. Also figure out where Zack draws the line when it comes to sex. A lot of stuff going on in this one folks so don't miss out.



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Jan 21, 2024

No guest this week so it was Erick and Zack just playing catch up. Erick goes to different bar this time around plus a woman gave him her phone number. Are you fine with someone with speaking to you in the third person? A person wanted to pay a lot of money to see a well known person penis. Erick talks about his strip...