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The Offensive Line

Feb 26, 2023

We have Comedian Kevin Deane on the show to cap off Black History month. Erick and Zack manage to see  Cocaine Bear so you get a quick overview of the movie. Kevin grew up in St. Cloud and listen to NSYNC but put that aside to make a new black friend. What movie do you watch when you invite a girl over for a date? Kevin...

Feb 19, 2023

Florida Comedian Rob Smiles is back and dressed really nice in fact. Erick had a surgery where you get to worry about citrus juices and insurance. Erick had a great comedian weekend but Rob doesn't shake hands in real life. Rob think there are a lot of entitled people in America and you get to find out why.



Feb 12, 2023

Our guest couldn't make it due to car problems so another solo show with just Zack and Erick this week.  They talk about shows being cancel on streaming services and a non spoiler review of the new Last of Us Episode 5. The game Hogwarts Legacy is out and a lot of people that aren't a fan of JK Rowling is boycotting the...

Feb 5, 2023

This was just a 1 on 1 show with Zack and Erick so it was more like playing catch up on movies and TV shows. Erick had people over but not a lot of people showed up, but a friend did make a lot of food. Zack thinks a WWE wrestler turned actors is really good in a new movie. Zack has a new job where people love his name...