The Offensive Line

Zack friend is back this time with a different name. Blackman and Zack talk about the podcast they're going on. Damien gets trashy and Zack had someone walk in on him. Blackman talk about coming guest which will leave some people shocked. The garbageman talks trash about a theme park with Zack.

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Today on the show we have Nick Graves a local comedian and UCF student. Plus Edric was sitting in as well. Nick talked about doing a comedy show case. Blackman finishing up a project at work that is giving him more free time. In the news guy gets jailed for hurting down and congressman trying to pass laws to make stripping safe again.

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No guest this week but still a pretty good show. Blackman pissed off a few women over the week. Damien is trying to get info on on the state Maryland. Zack has a car but there are still a few things that need to be taken care of. One of our old guest CJ called into the show today to talk to us. Plus in the news kids do a live feed of porn on Facebook and white man get made at black wife when he finds out she is black. Yup, you can't make this stuff up that's why you got to listen.



My Boo 64


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There was no guest because we switched to doing the show on a Friday. Blackman hosted an open mic on The 5th of May. Damien on the other hand is trying to lock in a date with a younger man. The only reason Zack is on the show today because he got cock blocked. As for news a guy screwed a chick even after she was dead, an 11-Year-Old shot a burglar and there is even more crazier news then what is listed here.



Taylor Swift vs. Nine Inch Nails - Shake It Off (The Perfect Drug)

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Check out this ad that will be played on other indie podcast join there breaks. This is the 4th ad we created by the way.

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Today on the show we had Rory Parkinson a returning Orlando comedian. Damien is back so we can't call this show The Blackman and Zack Show #2. Rory when to Texas and Damien wanted to know if everything was bigger. We got a voicemail from a long time #1 fan. It's a good show today! Blackman and Damien didn't fight...that much.


K.Flay - FML (KRNE Remix)

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