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Brian Katz from Paint it Black podcast was on today. Blackman invited Ricky Rodriguez a friend on the show to co-host in place of Zack Stacks who was out today due to work. Brain talked about getting his black card for getting married to a black female. Blackman tried to get some nudes but failed. Plus we talked about gays and how it all works. There is so much going on in this show I can't put it all here but you'll love it.


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Renim - Dougie For Bikini Bottom

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This week we had Chelo Garcia back on show to chat with us about the Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor fight. Blackman's friend Chad got a Butt Cake for his Birthday. Blackman and Zack talk about the Death Note movie on Netflix. Zack talks about using his toys again and much more. 



How2BEpic - H3h3 West

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The unedited speech before the show. We cut down what Damien was saying even after he didn't want us to in the full show. So if you're listening to this you wanted to hear everything he had to say.

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Damien wanted to send this to everyone. A band is sending this to Trump's Campaign and they're letting us hear it first. This is a pretty gay idea and we all know Damien is gay so let's show support. Damn! I wish he'll come out already and say he's Republican, I think Blackman and Zack will still accept him.


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