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Today is the last show this month before we go on break. Don't feel bad because Ally's boobs are still growing and Blackman is still doing Crossfit. Blackman got a new iPhone X and treated his old phone in for a game. How did Donkey from Shrek have kids with a Dragon? We answer that and so much more on the last live show this month.





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It's been a long time but we got Edric Eero back on the show again. Just in case you wanted to know they did talk about CrossFit and Chad. Edric showed us a porn where I lady was pissed about people doing it in front of her salad. Edric and Blackmand didn't care for the Justice League movie at all. In the news we talk about Matt Lauer and his door lock. This show gets really gay thanks to Edric but it's still a really good show.



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Princess Vitarah - Spongebo

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Guest cancel last minute so it was just Ally, Blackman and Zack today. It was pretty much talk about movies, video games and was going on in the week. Not much news because they didn't really look. 



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Dj CUTMAN - Sky Chase Zone Remix


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Today freak nasty and comedian Charles Entress was on the show. Charles shows his chest and talk about what he's into sex wise. Ally got mistreated at a bar because she wouldn't move. Charles has big balls and love to talk about them. Today's show was great and everyone had a good time.



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Tomi Lahren as an '80s Pop Song

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Comedian Bailey Erickson and Sean Beagan were on the show today. Zack got a XboxOne thanks to Blackman but Blackman hate being called daddy via text and on the podcast. Blackman is now looking for a date for his company Christmas party. Having sex outside of your race, some people don't like it. The show gets real at the very end but don't worry it needed to happen.




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Super Mario World - Overworld Theme (GFM Trap Remix)

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No guest this show but it was action packed so don't worry. Blackman talks about being on TBA podcast with Zack. Blackman won a Halloween Costumes contest because he dressed like a nun but he look like Whoopi Goldberg. Plus we talk about Kevin Spacey trying to get with a guy when he was 14 years old. In the news another teacher had sex with a student and fight breaks out at church over a man.



ZVAARI - Bassline Babies

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Killer show today with Javaris Temple! We had Ricky Rodriguez and Ally sitting in as well, they jumped in every now and then. We talk about Terry Crews getting his junk grabbed in Hollywood. Blackman talked about going to a Slutoberfest Halloween party the night before. Plus a lot of us know about the great American Challenge. If you don't know about it you will and don't get mad if you didn't take it. Plus Ricky talk about having Smegma on his junk. He's was the only uncut man in the room this show and we got a better understand on how it works when it comes to cleaning your junk.



New Donk City Birthday Beat

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We had a packed studio with people that showed up already pretty lit. Pretty much a lot of crazy drunk talk. Which includes Zack car accident, a guest being a fan of pee. Plus Farmer tell us a great sex story, but we had to use seasons to try and throw you off.



"GOOSEBUMPS" [Theme Song Remix!] -Remix Maniacs

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No guest today, it's hard to get one since we record on Wednesday because Zack is acting a lot on weekends this month. Blackman is no longer hated in the Orlando Comedy Scene since a comedian wrote a blog about being a sexual predator. Plus we talk about Harvey Weinstein and what's going on in Hollywood since being a freak nasty is a thing people are opening up to now. You're going to love the show because we sure did.


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(IL Capo) 2pac - Hold On Be Strong Remix

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We're back and talking about CrossFit! We had Ricky Rodriguez back on again so there was good talks about drinking with him and Zack. Ricky's friend has an adorably racist grandma. We called our old show host Damien and talked to him about why he left and would he come back on as a guest.

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