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It was long over due but we had Local Orlando comic and UCF student Michael Almanzar back on the show. Zack kept quiet when someone was racist.  Blackman's PC has 2 monitors so Mike asked him if he ever watched porn on each screen. Also there is a jack shack right by  a comedy showcase room. Everyone give there take H&M Monkey. Get the details on that and much more on this Episode.



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Tee​OS - D.A.N.C.I.N.G. in September

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We're back everyone! Happy New Year! What better way to start off by having a really awesome guest? So we got Bill Kilpatrick a teacher and comedian for Lakeland, Florida on the show. Bill talked about teachers that got with students and how he landed his job. Blackman got pulled over by the cops over the Christmas break with this brother in the car. Zack got a gift for Blackman, it's something that will ways be in the studio from here on out.


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AZUpubschool - I'm Coming (AZUpubschool Remix)/ Pa's Lam System

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