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Brian Katz from Paint it Black podcast was on today. Blackman invited Ricky Rodriguez a friend on the show to co-host in place of Zack Stacks who was out today due to work. Brain talked about getting his black card for getting married to a black female. Blackman tried to get some nudes but failed. Plus we talked about gays and how it all works. There is so much going on in this show I can't put it all here but you'll love it.


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Renim - Dougie For Bikini Bottom

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We had local Orlando Comedians Mike Charetteon the show today. Blackman talks about going to a wedding and being a minister for his friend. Blackman's date was getting hit on by someone and didn't know it. Mike talks about getting an pretty sweet hair cut and we have an update on Damien. Also Mike wants to do a roast battle with local Orlando comedians and the line up is pretty great.



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Triple-Q - Switch It Up!

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Today show was just Blackman and Zack with Ally sitting in. This show is late and done in the middle of the week due to Hurricane Irma. Blackman and Zack talked about lost power, down trees and what games they played growing up. They talked about what would it take to get his roommate Farmer mad. Ally told one of her friends secret live on air to everyone. Also a movie that Zack is acting in need funding and the need is a little different and could be upsetting to some people.



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Too Legit To Get Wet [Hydrohammer Zone Act 2]

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Claire Sevenine from the Mind Altered Podcast was on the show today. Claire talked about how she broke her butt bone in college. Blackman had to cook some food that everyone enjoyed but Zack. Blackman also won a Flex Off at an Open mic. Claire gave away what could happen after Blackman's dinner date after he cooks for a woman. This is a show and you're going to love it.


FULL SONG Outro Credits Ep 6 - Chaos Chaos - Terryfold ft Justin Roiland


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