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The Offensive Line

Jul 15, 2018

Orlando Comedian Ian Vanleer has is back on the show making him our second guest in the new studio. Ian told Blackman and Zack about a new dating app he use on his phone. Unlike Blackman, Ian loves and is ok with everyone. Blackman talk about the Facebook post that's been happening on his timeline. Zack talk about...

Jul 8, 2018

No guest this week because we did the show in the middle of the week. Blackman went to a sex mega store and got a tour of the whole place. Blackman and Zack talked about how they watched porn back in the day before high-speed internet. Blackman talked about his crazy CrossFit workout he just done go into detail how it...

Jul 1, 2018

We had Lesley Jo back on the show again but this time with Zack and not Damien. Lesley talks about leaving Titusville, Florida at the age of 16 while Zack talks about her dad's leg. What's your fav Disney song? Zack ask Lesley and Blackman and you'll be shocked at the answer. Lesley and Blackman shop for a while when it...

Jun 25, 2018

Zack help Blackman move and setup the new apartment so we had no guest today. We talked about the old host Damien from the start of the show. Blackman asked about hairy women and what's the level Zack is willing to deal with. How good is your TP? It's not that great at Blackman's workplace. Zack give his take on...

Jun 19, 2018

Today show was Zack and Blackman. We'll be up front and saying it's not our best in fact we talked about how good the last show was. Zack got some bad news right before the show started that derailed the whole thing. In fact we left it in the sound check.



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