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We start off with a wonderful song about how to catch your signifigant other cheating and then we venture on to the wonderfully lustful adventures of a little know captain with a very specific choice of wear


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Blackman has put together some of the best juicy selection for you guys and girls to enjoy over break. Enjoy!



Shinex♥ - Everybody Talks - Neon Trees :)

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Damien started off the show on a very high note. Blackman was trying to talk about this week but Damien kept cutting him off this time. Zack got one more class and have to work the upcoming Holidays as well. Damien came up with a new online gamertag for Blackman. This is the last show over the year before we go on break so enjoy!

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No guest this week and that's ok because it was still an awesome show. Damien got a new phone and is using an dating app. Blackman turned down a 3-threesome and got a new date for this company party. Everyone talked about what they did for Thanksgiving. In the news alcohol making you live longer, Alt-Right speech, pipeline showdown and ban porn in the UK.



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No guest since Blackman was out of town join the weekend. Blackman went camping, Zack did acting and Damien didn't do much of anything. In the news mother get mad at kid for Mock Election in school, cheese helps you live longer and things get a little hot and heavy at Yellow Stone Park. 

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Yes, Damien is back this time around. Plus we got UCF student and comedian Mike Almanzar as well. Blackman tried once again to get a stripper on the show but it would have came at a cost. Damien went to the gay pride meet-up in Downtown Orlando where he didn't run into anyone. Zack did the same thing he always did so there isn't anything to report there. In the news burned FIU football star and happy crack.



AJA - I'm ready

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Damien isn't on the show today but Zack and Blackman continued on without him. Zack black friend got mad at another another black friends for brushing in off. Blackman got a date for this company Christmas Party and talks about his comedy showcase.

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Today on the show we had Tiffany Antonescu a Orlando comedian that is doing Blackman's showcase. Blackman went to a few Halloween parties. Zack dress u p and went to a party as well. Tiffany is abstinence right now and give the guys a good reason why. In the news topless selfie, texting while driving and fake home robbery.



How Low Can You Brawl

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The high point is that Damien was high on the show today. The low point is masturbating 2 or 3 times a day this week. Blackman got a clean bill of health so no worries, the show will go on. There is a new comedy showcase coming up soon that Blackman having problems with 2 comics. Blackman give his reason why he think comics help him. In the news today Deadpool, Grandmother Cocaine problem and Preacher Pimping teen boys.

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No guest on the show today but Damien was high and make a joke about signs. That's wow we got the crazy name for the show. Blackman went to the doctors for a check up and will keep you posted of the outcome. Zack helped his lady friend move and he did some acting. In the news clowns, LSD and killers.



Interior Crocodile Circulation | Bakemonogatari x Chip Da Ripper

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