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Today we had Tony B and Nhat from the Lo-Fi Show. What a way to end the month of having people from other podcast on. Zack couldn't make it in today due to work and his sister having a baby today. Blackman and Damien didn't have a crazy week. However Tony B and Nhat had a blizzard to deal with. Damien computer died due to the amount of gay porn he was watching and much more on today's show.



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Cody Bush from Uncanny Valley was on the show today. The show starts off with white jokes since Damien only do Black and Mexican jokes. Damien help someone score drugs while Zack took off from work to watch Daredevil. Blackman had to stop a fight because of a Trump supporter. Cody is getting into a new scene at a BBQ place. 



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We had Adam Baynard from the 8bit Bourbon podcast on the show today. Plus Damien's roommate Aundreugh was sitting in as well. Aundreugh, Daimen and Zack think Big Dick Jeremy is gay and should do porn. Adam and Blackman had pretty much the same week only what they were drinking were different. Aundreugh showed us how to Google for "Penis" but not before Blackman talk to her about getting Damien really high before shows. In the news today a girl get called dumb by her teacher and a meth smoking clown gets busted.



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Today we had the guys from Paint it Black Studio on the show. Damien was really high and Zack was really drunk. Blackman when camping and Damien ran into an old friend. Blackman had to interview people really fucked up. In the news Damien think the teacher wanted a kid to see nudes and white lady didn't do anything wrong N-word wise.



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