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Local Orlando and up coming comedian Heather Shaw was in the studio today. Django sound clips made it's way into the show today. Blackman give a final take on Ferguson while Zack talks about the live feed he watched. There were talks of male sex toys and Bill Cosby. This is one of the most race powered episode but together we can over come this.

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Today on the show Joe Chipotle or as everyone else calls him Joe Chlapowski stop by. He's one of the comics that runs the Spacebar Comedy Show Case in Orlando and is pretty dial backed as a guest. But don't liek the voice fool you, he still can be a very fucked up guy and a dick at times. This show the boys go more into Bill Cosby rape and how Blackman used roofies on Zack. Blackman is looking for a date for his company Christmas Party next month while getting heat for starting another podcast called "The Darkest Hour". Joe gives his take on the comedy world when it comes to stealing jobs but backs away from Blackman because he just don't like him.

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Father and comedian Ramon Molledo is in the studio today. Damien starts the show by asking interview questions. There is talk of Bill Cosby rape and Oiled up Kardashian booty. A gay man turning to god while cops scare kids in a school. Then the boys get into ghost stories and Blackman tells a very special one that will blow you away.



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Long time fan of the show Charlie Bowie stopped in to talk about his podcast with Big Tim and working for an Orlando Politician. Blackman goes over a suck off that Damien was joking about. The crew does a recap on the mid-term election. Blackman talks about how Christopher Nolan put together another great movie again when it comes to Interstellar. Oh and let's not forget Keira Knightley's topless photos!

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On this episode we talked about how dumb politics can be at times. We call out congressmen for putting the blame on a black guy for $20. The guys talked about Halloween parties and how good Damien looked dressed as a women. Zack and Damien bash the first ladies silver back. Blackman comes to her aid while ISIS makes a guy have sex with a pitbull.

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