The Offensive Line

In the search for more funny down to earth ladies Blackman manage to get Croix Provence from Penguin Knife Fight in the studio. Damien is ready to go on another ghost hunt with Zack. Blackman talked about but we'll just say touched on the lady with 3 breast. Damien when on a gay rant that got out of control but Zack didn't make it any better. Croix gives a different take on teachers having sex with there students. Then the crew called a sex hotline after one they called turned out to be fake.

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Today we had on Nick Pupo and Blackman tries to hard to get on his podcast. We also learned about why you shouldn't be black with a sword. Damien pissed off about freedom and white boys going to heaven. The Satanic Temple were able to get books in the school. Sometimes people get SWATTED and even if it's NOT real.

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Holy balls we can do audio clips now. (Which is not what Zack said when I was typing this description). We were not able to play audio clips for the show and over did it a little bit. Blackman talked about a girl that got upset and sent out a white knight to protect her. Blackman, Damien and Zack talked about Ray Rice and blow jobs. Damien likes the cream filled and we're not talking about guys. We did not have a guest so it was just news topics.

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Ryan Holmes a local comedian and fan of the show was in today to talk about comedy, girls and the crazy world we live in. Blackman talks about seeing the celeb nude pics that were leaked. Ryan and Blackman then talked about who else could have nudes out in the cloud. Which won't be Ana Kasparian because she said she'll never take nudes after the leak. Damien questions a Jewish persons faith and Zack details what Cee Lo Green means by rape. Don't pass up this episode and don't pass out around Cee Lo Green if you know what I mean.

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