The Offensive Line

We had Roller Derby and comedians Morgan Fayette was on the studio. Damien is out today and Zack and Blackman hosted the show together as equals. Blackman played video games with friends from 8bit Bourbon Podcast Friday night. Zack ask Morgan if she's into girls due to the fact she is in Roller Derby girl. Zack and Blackman talk about the party from the night before and the drawings that are now up in the studio. Plus the Knob Gobbled is a new thing that is on the scene and the Booty Goblin might have to battle him.


Morgan's Info:

Orlando Psycho City Derby Girls

Low Rent No Rent Horror Review

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Croix from Penguin Knife Fight is back for the second time around. Drew and Ant that were on past shows were sitting in today. Zack talked about how the girl didn't finish the job. Croix and Damien talk about how to handle the man juice. Zack shows a video on masturbation health to the crew. Damien reads a story from Blackman that was a pretty good fake story.



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Raspberry Pie


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CJ MacGregor a comedian and fan of the show was on today. Damien and Blackman continue there hashtag battle off and on air. CJ talk about eating booty and Stoner Sunday. Blackman, Damien and CJ had to clear up a KKK turned down a BBQ. Zack shows penis from different animals. Plus something different happen on the show. CJ was hitting on Damien and trying to setup a time to hangout.

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Today on the show we had local Orlando Comedian Will Wiley. Out of the gate Blackman cleared up something from Paddy's of Winter Park. Damien and Blackman got into over the hastags #BlackLivesMatter and #AllLivesMatter. Plus in the news a guy killed himself trying to take a selfie. The crew covered a story about a man who saved his ribs first then went back for his family.


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William Rodriguez and his girlfriend Teah Michael was on the show. Blackman almost got fired and lost over 20 minutes from the show again. Damien is gettin into some law enforcement and doesn't mind getting into trouble. Zack and Blackman talk about Tinder when it comes to resting bitch face. Rodriguez try to pitch the devil as the good guy. Then in the news Wendy’s worker flub a burger and a gay black guy shoot white people live on air.

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