The Offensive Line

Bishop DaMonster a married man, father and local Orlando comedian stop by the show today. Zack is moving into a new place, Damien when to an aquarium and Blackman tried to sale his old car but got low balled. Bishop let loose on Orlando open mics and is working on starting an open mic of his own. Zack learned that Bishop is pretty much a black version of him. Damien leaves a Bold and Belligerent voicemail and Diana Jang is on the way to the top so help her get there.




Paint it Black

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Local new comedian Nick Bellefeuille stop by today. Damien is out and Blackman takes his place as host and understand what he deals with. Blackman talks about doing songs for Paint it Black right along with other podcast. Blackman taste a $100 beer at Mr. Dunderbak's or Thuderbox to the Zack and Nick. Zack got stuck in a place that sucks when it comes to a gay club.

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Today on the show we had Ian a new comedian in the Orlando area. Damien and Blackman go over last show and how drunk Zack was. So Blackman talked about beeping Zack when he gets to drunk and Damien was okay with that. Zack gave us his review of Mad Max: Furry Road. Damien talked about a place to do comedy that just reopen in the Orlando area. Ian talked about the little problems he run into with old girlfriends and much more.

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We record on a Monday because Mother's Day was on Sunday. Zack forgot that we're recording and got drunk before hand. The boys talk about doing a live show at Paddy's a bar that Blackman does a comedy open mic. Zack says the N-word even more because he's drunk but it doesn't stop all the hateful stories that we cover today on the show.


Music at the end:

Key & Peele - Negrotown

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Starting the show on a Monday, Blackman was off to a rocky start but he climbed the mountain of hate. A man hit bear in the face then watching a drugged guy run around a Popeye's on drugs. We pass the colored people in Mount Ghetto. Then stop to hear a black woman gets mad after seeing an interracial couple. At the top we couldn't miss our chance to talk about Baltimore riots and look at on other riots as far as we can see.

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