The Offensive Line

Zack woke up drunk this morning and made this a very crazy show with Adam Murray a local Orlando comedian. The crew talk about going to the upcoming Tampa Bay Comic-Con again. Adam and Blackman talk about what's going on in the local Orlando comedy scene. Blackman has been booked like crazy doing a ton of podcast. Zack jumps off a building to prove a point, while Damien tells Adam how to get his man juice to taste better.

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Ross McCoy a local comedian and news guy for Orlando's A Mediocre Time with Tom and Dan Podcast was on the show. Blackman talk about his camping trip and how raccoons raided the camp. Damien just learn 3 year old news and Ross figured he'll go back in time with BREAKING NEWS. Zack talked about sex with this first black girl. Plus getting busted jacking off and much more. It was a short show because Blackman didn't get much news items.

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Richard Dickerson or Dick Dickerson was on the show. We talked about how he got his name. A Televangelist ask for $65M to get a new Jet, but Blackman and Richard had something to say about. University of Oklahoma SEA don't want a black person in there Fraternity. Dick tell stories of being shot and a cop backing down for not taking him to jail because of his name. Today ad was from our friend's Bold and Belligerent. Make sure you also check out Paint it Black as well.

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Zack went paint balling and Downtown pole dancing. Blackman talks about how good other podcast are good, but the problem there are to many good podcast. Erin Wagoner is trying to Kickstart a new EP. Damien correct Blackman on the of the F-word. Zack is into pain games plus has a little extra in the sack. Going to prisons prove being gay is a choice and the internet cyber-bullied a baby.

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Local Orlando Comic Bill King was on the show today. Blackman talks about fixing his car to make it to an event where a girl made a guy do the walk of shame. Blackman tell Billy to not jump into the mix in the Orlando Comedian online Facebook. So do you eat booty? The question was asked on the show and you'll be shocked who did. Plus talked about listen to Bold and Belligerent.

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