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The Offensive Line

Dec 22, 2016

We start off with a wonderful song about how to catch your signifigant other cheating and then we venture on to the wonderfully lustful adventures of a little know captain with a very specific choice of wear


Dec 20, 2016

Blackman has put together some of the best juicy selection for you guys and girls to enjoy over break. Enjoy!



Shinex♥ - Everybody Talks - Neon Trees :)

Dec 5, 2016

Damien started off the show on a very high note. Blackman was trying to talk about this week but Damien kept cutting him off this time. Zack got one more class and have to work the upcoming Holidays as well. Damien came up with a new online gamertag for Blackman. This is the last show over the year before we go on...

Nov 27, 2016

No guest this week and that's ok because it was still an awesome show. Damien got a new phone and is using an dating app. Blackman turned down a 3-threesome and got a new date for this company party. Everyone talked about what they did for Thanksgiving. In the news alcohol making you live longer, Alt-Right speech,...

Nov 20, 2016

No guest since Blackman was out of town join the weekend. Blackman went camping, Zack did acting and Damien didn't do much of anything. In the news mother get mad at kid for Mock Election in school, cheese helps you live longer and things get a little hot and heavy at Yellow Stone Park.