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The Offensive Line

May 26, 2014

Everyone is enjoying there Memorial Day weekend but Damien, Blackman and Zack. X-men was everything that Zack hoped and dream for. Blackman got sick talking about how much his week sucked. Then later on in the show Jordan Hicks stops by to talk about Wheels to the Ground, a new documentary she's working on.

May 19, 2014

Tommy O'Neill has been doing stand-up for well over 2 years and is already hot on the scene. So he stops by to talk about some of the upcoming shows he's doing. Blackman gives details on why he doesn't go out and do stand-up comedy as much. Zack sees Godzilla and give his take on the movie. Plus Tommy gives a sports...

May 12, 2014

Singer and Songwritter Alison Sherberg stop by to tell us about her new EP. Damien talked about other places in the world that download our show. Blackman gets names wrong when it comes to pronouncing Alison's last name and a congressman name in a news story all together. The crew talk about the movie Neighbors and have...

May 6, 2014

Jason Manzo from Funny or Die stop by to tell us about what he's currently doing. The guys go over driving activities of the pass. Blackman gives an update on Donald Sterling and Shaq makes a guy dreams come true. Zack want a Congo update every week from Blackman. Plus Damien tell corny jokes like a 5th grader.