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The Offensive Line

Aug 7, 2023

Back in the studio again with Merv from Smart Mouth Films. Merv talks about thicc white chicks but you'll have to listen to the sound check at the end to get the answer. Merv talks about how much American would have sucked if it wasn't for slaves. Everyone talked about people of color using the N-word and white people using it in movies. Merv shows off his office and all the things he got in it. Merv never seen Soul Man which is a movie from back in the 80s which was a different time but we all know Merv's mom would not approve. RIP to Paul Reubens who is known for playing Pee-wee Herman but Zack didn't want anyone to talk about how he jacked off in a porn theater. You are getting an action packed show this time around for sure.



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