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The Offensive Line

May 24, 2022

Erick welcomes Danielle to the show by saying her last name incorrectly. People believed that Nintendo was going to remove the lady's from Mario Kart 8. Erick's brother Gabe told him not to get soul food nor watch the new Top Gun movie over the weekend. Zack and Danielle  talked about Kid Nation and other Reality TV shows. Erick has a Bubble gun and was worried he'll get shot by the police, then reminded everyone police officers get 10% off from 2519 Soul Food and More. Going out as a girl vs guy in downtown, going to a speak easy on top of Erick getting in free to a club after being called a drug dealer. Erick's friend live in a bad neighborhood because someone out bid him for a nice one. Erick is a fan of Danielle 's IG because she doesn't setup any thirst traps.



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