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The Offensive Line

Jul 7, 2024

Just Erick and Zack this week so it was just playing catching up. Beverly Hills Cop 4 is out on Netflix and both of the guys seen it.  Zack talked about a reunion with his homies that went to jail. Erick got freaked out by something Zack did when sleeping. A lot of good stuff happened on this one.




Jul 1, 2024

Today we had returning Orlando Comedian Rob Smiles on the show. Zack is a big fan of some killers and it freaked Rob out a little. Zack found some drugs in Erick's apartment that a white dude gave him. Rob went on a trip and came back a changed man. Plus you get to hear a lot of drama when it comes to the comedy scene...

Jun 23, 2024

Today on the show Erick's long time friend Ryan Gonyon stopped by. Erick didn't know what to cook because Ryan been on the West Coast for awhile. How will you pick up the soap? Plus Erick would might some DSLs at the 10 year mark. Drugs in the family, the comic book movies and so much more on the show today.



Jun 17, 2024

Erick's older brother Gabe is back on the show so we had to give a recap of what happen with Zack. Everyone gave a quick recap of some TV shows and Harry Potter movies. Gabe talk about bands that go on tour and why he won't go see most of them. Is there a reason to get a CRT TV? You'll figure out the reason why people...

Jun 9, 2024

Today's guest was Jamaica and local Orlando Comedian Ash Cash. Zack got attacked and tells everyone about it on the show. Erick talks about an OF Comedian that made content to pay someone back. Ash talks about a trip she took with a boyfriend a long time ago in college. Ash Cash isn't into white men but there is one...