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The Offensive Line

Jan 8, 2023

We're back from break with a guest! Today we had comedian and podcaster Chris Robinson to bring in the New Year. Zack had a boss that would give him free drinks and ended up getting fired. Chris think Erick should adjust his house for Comic-Con going nerdy girls. and give his take on what he should do. Chris has a very beautiful wife that want him to lose weight and Erick sided with her. Zack has a coin for St. Augustine in his wallet for good luck and Erick has seen some of the bad stuff. Chris talked about his friends updating there house and bring women to the basement shrimp. Chris is the only black dude we know that hunt and talk about that in detail with Erick and Zack. Mr. Steve told Chris how to catch fish but he had to get up really early in the morning. Welcome back folks and this show is longer to make up for the time we took off.



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