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The Offensive Line

Nov 27, 2022

This show Erick and Zack talk about there Thanksgiving break. Erick's older brother Dwaine picked up the tab and that is why Zack wanted to date him. Erick cancel his Apple TV but Zack told him about all the good shows and movies that are on there.  Zack showed Erick the trailer for the movie Karen which is a scary movie that Erick wanna watch with a date. Did you ever watch Cow and Chicken? If so are you eating ass now like them? Would you kiss  another person of the same sex for a $200 pair of shoes? Zack would but Erick and Merv wouldn't. Zack would even give a BJ for a million dollars which didn't shock anyone after he said he'll kiss a dude for much less. All that and so much more on todays show.



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