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DJ Chocolate is back and it's always great to have him on the show. Damien started off the show with a plug for a place. Plus talked about running into someone spiritual which took the show in a different direction. Blackman seen the movie Get Out solo why Zack seen the movie with another black friend. Also DJ Chocolate got pulled over by the cops by the way to the show.



DMX vs. Pokemon - Ash Gon' Give It to Ya

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Today we had Demetrius Watts AKA D. Watts on the show. Blackman was sick most of the week but still had to work. Zack got his tax return and got the toys he always wanted. Damien told a joke that Zack didn't understand but everyone got D. Watts joke. Action packed show this week folks.



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Donald Trump's Tweets As An Early 2000s Emo Song

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Today we had local Orlando Comedian Fritz Pierre back on the show again. Blackman learned about 4K videos on Blacked website. Damien was getting bashed by Zack and Blackman but Fritz sided with him. Zack and Fritz talk toys and much more. In the news Dear White People Netflix show got people upset. Woman that didn't put out got shot and so much more.

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Our guest had to work on Super Bowl Sunday which is something we over looked. So we got Edric Eero in place of the first black person we were going to have in. He's brown so that's the best we can do right now. We had Jason talking about long jackin' his meat at work. Blackman had to deal with Zack and Damien getting him into trouble by something they said again. In  the news Trump talks about Black History, little girl get into it with the cops and GameStop being shady to make money. We're sorry about giving you an extra 30 minutes today.



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Edric - The End

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