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The guest couldn't make it in today due to having a cold. Farmer was sitting in today which was different from having him in the chatroom. He was still in the chatroom but he was also sitting in the studio. Blackman finished his class while Zack trying to star in a film. A Stripper posted a video that got that made Damien sick. However it got Zack and Blackman talking about going down on the ladies. In the news today Neo-Nazi Richard Spencer get punched in the face, fake Disney tickets and Stitches goes to jail.



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Dan Sir Dan - everywhere (feat. NIKO IS And Mave)

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This show is action packed. We had someone call in and had Billy yell at them. Blackman is having the worst week every which is great for people who hate him. You get to figure out what's going on with Zack health wise and Damien got a boyfriend now.



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The Cult - Big Cheese

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Today in the studio we had Daytona, Flordia Comedian Samantha Ivey returning to the show. Damien got a new guy he's talking to while Zack went bowling and Blackman tried CrossFit. Damien added some new stuff to the sound board. Blackman told Sam about the new Nintendo console called the Switch. Today in the news Orlando man on the run, crackhead get upset because she can't get $4 and VIP pass for fest.



Started From Laughter and Merriment

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No guest on the show today but don't worry we booked guest this month. Blackman is still being called Pudge Dredd but have plans to sign up for a gym. Comedians bashed Blackman for not counting as a comic and the kind of jokes he do. People we knew passed away that Damien and Blackman knew. The show can't sponsor events because of Zack. Damien took two days to make a guy happy. In the news Yahoo tweeted a typo for Trump's Bigger Navy. Mentally disabled men get beaten and Mark Hamill reads joker-like Donald Trump tweet and more.



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Quote For Truth

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We're back on New Years Day of all things! Man there is a lot of stuff to get into as well. First off Damien had a good time with a guy. Blackman got a raise at his job and was at a comedy showcase plus talked about his Christmas Party. Make sure you check out The Offensive Line Network. A new site that Blackman worked on over the break. 



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shavac - Nite Nite Ft. Mister Darrell | Video in description

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