The Offensive Line

Today on the show we had Tiffany Antonescu a Orlando comedian that is doing Blackman's showcase. Blackman went to a few Halloween parties. Zack dress u p and went to a party as well. Tiffany is abstinence right now and give the guys a good reason why. In the news topless selfie, texting while driving and fake home robbery.



How Low Can You Brawl

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The high point is that Damien was high on the show today. The low point is masturbating 2 or 3 times a day this week. Blackman got a clean bill of health so no worries, the show will go on. There is a new comedy showcase coming up soon that Blackman having problems with 2 comics. Blackman give his reason why he think comics help him. In the news today Deadpool, Grandmother Cocaine problem and Preacher Pimping teen boys.

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No guest on the show today but Damien was high and make a joke about signs. That's wow we got the crazy name for the show. Blackman went to the doctors for a check up and will keep you posted of the outcome. Zack helped his lady friend move and he did some acting. In the news clowns, LSD and killers.



Interior Crocodile Circulation | Bakemonogatari x Chip Da Ripper

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Zack's friend Chris Crawfish was on the show today since we recorded on a Tuesday. Not to be out done by having Zack's co-worker Farmer in the chat room. Blackman talks about his Chicago trip while Zack acts out a scene. Chris racist dad is worry that he's gay because Zack him are in relationship on Facebook.The end of the show Crawfish tells some stories about this dad.



Throwdown Like This | Jet Set Radio x Class of 3000

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No guest today but we had Zack roommate sit in. Damien talked about his family and his father wake. Blackman talked about doing comedy and what he deals with once the podcast is over. Zack figured out what he looks like as an actor. In the news the cops shot more people and a fat kid is trying to look like an actor.



My Neighbor Tupac | Studio Ghibli x 2Pac

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