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Comedian Mike Charette was on the show today. Not just local but international as well make no mistake about it. Mike let people know he's on Instagram and his meme game is on point. Damien talk about why he wasn't on the show the week before. Zack's friends take acid and think they're cows. Blackman and Mike talk it up a little before. In the news Tulsa Police, 41 year old virgin and Pastor gambling operation.



Oliver Nelson ft. Kaleem Taylor - Ain't A Thing



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Today on the show we had James(or Jimmy) Burke on the show. A newer comedian to the Orlando Comedy scene and a guy that hit the open mics with Blackman. Damien couldn't be on the show due to a death in the family. We had someone sit in his place but it's a guy that Damien always wanted on the show. It was pretty much all over the place because Damien wasn't here but it was a good show over all.

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Today it was just Damien, Zack and Blackman again. Damien talked about this date and how Blackman can love titties and host an open mic. Zack pretty much just worked and Blackman ran into someone he didn't know. Everyone on the show almost forgot about 9/11 until people on Facebook reminded them. 

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We had Dan, one of Zack's friends on the show. Damien is going on a blind date and Zack loves the movie Don't Breathe. Blackman went to a party with Chad. In the news more Florida man uses wanted poster for Facebook profile photo. Teen doctor gets busted again and dude got face eaten off. 



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News Links:

The moment police pepper spray an 84-year-old woman

Man traveling from Colo. to Fla. caught with 100 lbs of pot


Sonic Adventure 2 - City Escape

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