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No guest today but we had someone call in. Blackman gives and update on this cat plus tells everyone why Chad is mad at him. Zack want to try stand-up but Blackman tells him to get some stage time in. Plus Zack had a visit from a dark guest in his very own home. Damien ran into someone on the city bus and wants Blackman to book this guy. In the news "Shots for Harambe" plus CEO screwing us when it comes to EpiPen.



Shots for Harambe -- Because he took one for you

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Overwatch Dubstep Remix - Ephixa 2016 - Play of the Game Montage Soundtrack

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Croix Provence was on the show today and she picked out a list of music for us to play out the show. Croix roommate had a passed out girl stayed the night that let her know that Hulk Hogan was racist. Blackman guy a date with a blonde redhead while Zack didn't have much of a week. Damien and Croix talk about dick size and what works. No news this week because we had a good time without it. The show today was on fire folks! You're going to love it!



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Smell Yo Dick Lyrics

Coco Brown - Make Me Nut

Trick Daddy - Tonight (Feat. Jaheim & Trina)

Holotka - Bitch It Up ft. Snake

Throw That Boy-P*ssy Video

Stitches - Brick In Yo Face

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Jared Scott a new comedian to the Orlando scene was on the show today. Blackman talk about why we didn't have a show last week. Damien did pitch a tent while Jared kid started back school again. Blackman the party the night before and turning 35 years old.



Jet Set Radio Future - Aisle 10

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