The Offensive Line

Today it was just Blackman and Zack since Damien figured out a way to get out of doing the show. It was pretty much Blackman and Zack having a one on one talk. It wasn't as crazy is everyone would think. A chick was pissed at Blackman for blowing her off but the joke was on her. Both Zack and Blackman talked about the party they went to. Blackman talked about a great comedian that was lost in the Orlando community.





K.K. Good Day (KK Slider vs Ice Cube)

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Today we had Billy King back on the show a long time Orlando comedian and friend of the show. Billy told us how it is to grow up with being call "BK". Blackman had a lunch where he was singled out.  Billy tell us about his wife going to a female only gym. In the news today, more GOP remembers been busted for gay acts than Trans people. Teacher have sex with Students again and everyone talk about double standards.



Niggas In Hyrule Temple


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We had Jacoby Bruton back on the show today to mix things up again. Blackman got blocked for posting something hateful on his Facebook timeline. Damien tired to pay $300 to suck someone off. Zack almost got kissed by a long time friend. Jacoby said no to things even when he wasn't saying no to things. One of our best shows folks! Everyone including Damien thinks that is the case.

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We didn't have any guest but Zack is back baby! Damien is having a bad day and taking it out on everyone. Damien's roommate don't like Broccolini at a DownTown Orlando restaurant. Zack give his take on Batman Vs. Superman while black people have people over to Smash. In the news today man busted with heroin in ass. Ku Klux Klan works at school and trans person bathroom break. Then the crew played a game Macro Man Randy Savage or Charles Manson.

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