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Bill King forgot he he was booked so Damien, Blackman and Zack was without a guess again. Blackman didn't invite Zack over to Smash, but a chick that let him smash listen to the show. Zack had to demo a house and Damien got to see DeadPool. As for the news, jacking off for a life time and getting screwed by a Manatee.

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Zack is back today and even more over the top. Will Wiley is Zack's 2nd or 3rd favorite guest. Diana Jang got talent and Blackman got a new job title. Damien is trying to find himself and Zack is trying to touch himself. In the news "Some Of My Best Friends Are Black” Might Actually Work and Manny Pacquiao compare gay's to animals. Now you can find the show on Radio Vegas Rocks. Plus we'll like to think Diana's friend and Dustin for joining us for the live show.

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No guest on the show today and we had Danny sub for Zack. That doesn't stop Zack from still trying to drop in. Blackman talked about DeadPool and how much Zack could be that person. Zack reminded Blackman about a KFC deal that only happens on Valentines Day. Danny was being funny and filled with joy. Blackman however kept getting into it with Damien today which made them look like they were dating. Damien took a break while Blackman and Danny kept going. Trust me, you are going enjoy the show!



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Richard Dickerson is back on the show on this great Super Bowl Sunday! Damien is sick so he called out. However Zack is a little sick and he's still here. Blackman got a chance to see his brother that called last week. Richard had someone come into his place of work looking for Dick. Bernie Sanders has a new hot trap song. Plus in the news guy kills his baby mamma and kid over Child Support. Virtual Vagina and shooting at Tampa, FL strip club Good show today folks! You don't wanna miss it.


Today's show music:

Bernie Sanders (Campaign Trap Anthem) by: @An0malyMusic

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Today we had Zack's long time friend DJ on the show which might shock a lot of people, but he is black. This was to make up for Damien having his Obama hating Trump loving friend from last week. Zack had a booty call 3AM int he morning. Damien ran into a cute person on the bus while Blackman tried to get Damien to suck friend of the show Allie's Dick. Plus Blackman got corrected on where the N-word come from which. In the news white man playing Michael Jackson and front man does Nazi salute.

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