The Offensive Line

Dave Edwards the guy who wrote the Trump song was on the show today. If you want to listen to the Trump song just download or listen to it like you would an old show. As for the show Zack had a dream a boxer watched him pee. Blackman talked about what he did on MLK Day. Dave talked about some of the trips he's been on. 

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Damien wanted to send this to everyone. A band is sending this to Trump's Campaign and they're letting us hear it first. This is a pretty gay idea and we all know Damien is gay so let's show support. Damn! I wish he'll come out already and say he's Republican, I think Blackman and Zack will still accept him.


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Dave Edwards

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There was no guest on the show today but the boys talked about who they wanted to have. However the boys did go over who they wanted on. Lou from Paint it Black was in the chatroom today giving his input. Zack had a date, while blackman got a Super Like on Tinder. Blackman played video games, worked on a side project and had fine at a friends Birthday Party.



Drop July - You never Win

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You get to hear Blackman pass out drunk live on the show. Damine and Cody talk about gay stuff which gets pretty gay. This is later in the night when things start to get super crazy then die down.

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Part 1 of a crazy out of control 100th show that even Damien can't control. Everyone had stories to tell on this show. You get to learn about the show and it's friends through stories of the past. Plus you get to listen as Blackman get wasted and hit on Zack's Ex-girlfriend.

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After a long break the boys come back with Sleepy Moon Cafe Late night host Steven Seidman. That didn't stop Luis from Paint it Black Comics that was in the chat room from saying "More like Steven Inside-man" which became the name of the show. No, Steven isn't gay but he is one funny guy that was a great guest. Everyone give there take on Bill Cosby and the Militia take over of a building. If you want to see Zack in Black-Face and the back of Blackman's head there is a YouTube channel now.



Kevin Felker - communism


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