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Our guest bailed on us today so today was a news heavy show. Blackman had soul-food over Thanksgiving while Zack and Damien went for a walk in the park. Blackman got a chance to listen to podcast on the drive to and from his Uncle's house in West Palm. Our guest from last show Holle was in the show in the form of new sound clips. The news was pretty much just mass shootings and Black Friday videos. Oh and Damien don't know what he's talking about when it comes to the Planned Parenthood shooting.

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Today on the show, singer and songwriter Holle Gutierrez was on. Blackman's car got hit by a drunk college student. Zack went on another Tinder date while Damien got pay it forward gift from a random person. Blackman and Zack like the fact Jessica Jones likes to Jessica Bones. Holle gets sleepy if a penis size is under an shot glass and a half. Not much news today but live music and a lot of people in the Mixlr chat room which made for a great show. With that being said we'll like to thank Lorne from B&B Podcast, Nhat from the Lo-Fi show and Lu from Paint it Black Comics.



Kevin Felker - Collins Avene

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Today on the show Brennan Ray a good friend of Nick Covert was on. Damien was out today because he needed to see a doctor. Things are looking up for Zack, but you wouldn't know because we got side tracked due to the fact Damien wasn't here to control things. Daniel Fleetwood from StarWars passed away and Don Veto from Jack Ass as well. Blackman didn't get anything done due to Fallout 4, a game he got Friday on his PS4. 


Pokemon Theme Song as Jazz, feat. Sara Niemietz

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Damien is back and higher then ever! Blackman got a bad review that he enjoyed, while Zack was able to get a free movie viewing. Damien had to cover for his boss since he got hurt again. Donald Trump has Damien support but for all the wrong reasons. In the news Rush Tits and Dicks. A riot happen but on one got hurt plus don't touch a brown mans chicken.


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We had local comedian and UCF student Michael Almanzar on the show today. Blackman, Zack and Damien talk about Halloween night. Damien is not only having a bad day but is having a bad life. Blackman and Zack didn't let him finish what he was saying and he walked out. That didn't stop them from busting his balls after he left the studio. In the news Uber a blow job, Slam Master Cop and boner pills.



Wii Shop Bling


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