The Offensive Line

Our guess backed out at the last minute today. Damien set the record state with an rant right out of the gate. Blackman seen Antman and pissed he got called in for Jury Duty. Zack couldn't get off correctly while Damien got someone off correctly. Happy 30th Pee-wee's Big Adventure and Blackman takes the Damien on an Adventure through the playhouse. Sandra Bland hangs herself, a Black Lives Matter that goes wrong and mom's trying to figure out some porn terms all on show.



7-26-15 Show Playlist

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We had Diana Jang back on the show again. Blackman tried to make the audio sound better for people listening Live but failed. Zack was really drunk and Damien was really high. We had people from Bold and Belligerent and Paint it Black Podcast in the chat-room giving great input. Diana and Damien got mad at Blackman over Sense 8. Zack played a video that was uncalled for and freaked everyone else out.


Diana's Info:


Twitter (@DianaJangMusic)


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Blackman lost 30 minutes of the show. Yes, lost as in didn't press the record button. However there is still an hour for you to enjoy. The show takes place as they realize they didn't press record for the podcast world. The boys started talking about what they said in the first 30 minutes and then kept going on with news stories. Bill Cosby is back in the news, a girl gets punched in the face and a State Trooper was caught having sex on the hood of his car.


Ryan Goodwin:



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Another hate filled news story show, but now it was live. Blackman makes out with 2 chicks at a 4th of July party. Zack is a salesman of fleshlights and Daimen don't like the gay remake of a Iwo Jima battle flag raising. Since it was a live show we had friends in the chatroom including Lou from Paint it Black and Blackman's friend from Gainesville Andy.


Kevin Felker

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