The Offensive Line

On the show Blackman and Daimen go over why we didn't have any guest this month. Then talked about booking old guest we loved on the show. Blackman talked about working crazy hours at work plus starting a new open mic at Paddy's. In the news Waka Flocka Flame start his presidential campaign. A venomous kiss for a Flordia man with the guys from Paint it Black turned us on to a new rapper The Booty King.

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Daimen got some more penis in his life while Zack talk about the easy money he's making at his new job. Blackman talks about getting backed out drunk with his friend John and then show Damien a rap video that changed his life. The boys going over being bullied well Blackman takes up for black people again.

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Damien and Zack is back with even more racism. Damien gets mad at Blackman for what was said on the last show. Blackman talks about taking over the shop because no one want to see a nude picture of Zack. A podcast in the UK don't want to work with the crew and Blackman tell Damien and Zack to tone down the hate. Cops are all over the news with shooting and beating people. All well the Booty Goblin works his way on to Twitter.

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Michael Almanzar, a UCF flim student and comedian was in the studio. Danny Loecken is in place for Daimen and Zack today. This made for a very crazy show where we talked about Nick Pupo's podcast and then continue to talk about the Booty Goblin. This show we pretty much figured out what the Booty Goblin look like which makes a great shirt. Getting ads cut and much more on this very funny and powerful show. The song that was playing going on break was from Erin Wagoner with her song Walk Away.

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