The Offensive Line

Blackman screw up getting the guest on for the end of Black History Month. Damien loves his coffee break while Blackman can't catch a break. Cops, donuts and top it off with a little Vanilla Ice? Building the ideal lover with $5 in your pocket. 





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We called Brianna Wray to talk about living in Seattle, Washington and what she does for a living. Her move from Orlando to Seattle plus the SeaHawks losing the Super Bowl. We looked at her website Catfight Craft and talk about some of the things she created with her friend. Blackman talks about an old guest that hates him but he makes things even better in the worst way by getting sound clips. Zack becomes Zackman thanks to his roommate and Damien waits for bad service all on today's show.

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Fritz Pierre a local Orlando comedian was on the show. A nice guy with a dark since of humor. Fritz talks about his love of porn and how much he jacks it. Blackman talks about how unfair things are after being taxed so much and not getting much back on his refund. Zack shows Blackman the world of adjust titties while eating pizza. More Black History month highlights plus little boy spelling bees all will keep you rolling with laughter.

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Anthony Cooper, one of Blackman's friends is on the show. Anthony was on Blackman's podcast The Darkest Hour and we figured we'll have him on The Offensive Line to kick off Black History month. Anthony talks about learning how to swim. The boys take on Black History month is different from most people. Blackman highlight a warrior in the black community. Plus they even kick this month off right by playing Black Myth Busters on the show.

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