The Offensive Line

Our guest had family troubles today so the boys had to go without a guess again. Today we talked about what to do if you girlfriend see you beating your meat in bed. Do you get a jump start at sex if you're gay because you have the same parts. A lady getting upset after Blackman showed her a video. Once again a school teacher gets in trouble for having sex with a student, but it was a female teacher so it was okay. What if it was a man? The boys answer this question and more!

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Mike Charette, a long time comedian and friend of Blackman was on the show today. Zack didn't have much going on in his week. While Damien added more to his Zoo at home. Blackman thanks a comedian for putting him on his showcase. Mike Charette talks about being in NYC. Zack gets himself into deep water when it comes to Ricki Lake. Plus Blackman talks about a fan he ran into and what kind of fan he'll like to run into. Oh and the test audio after the show is back babies! So much so you stay tune for that.

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The boys had Kevin Bartini a Comedian that warms up the audience for The Daily Show and The Colbert Report. Blackman talked about breaking down and telling an old guest Alison he was sorry and plugged her new EP on iTunes. Kevin talked how cold it is in NYC and working with Steven and John. Zimmerman gets his guns taking away and much more.

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Good friend of Ramon Molledo Comedian Jacoby Bruton was in the studio today. Jocoby switch sides when it comes to race while Damien dream about the black and asisn side of him. Everyone goes over there News Years Eve plus Blackman talk about his Aunt tech problems. Zack found another way to press Blackman's button when it comes to family and racism KKK internet radio.

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