The Offensive Line

Chris Crawfish good friend of Damin and Zack is in the studio today. Everyone goes over the Christmas break and anal stories. Blackman had to deal with something he didn't remember at his sisters house. The boys go over using the N-word and why Zack say it so much. Crawfish sending out pics of dog tits join the show. Blackman goes over plastic surgery that cost a man $150k to look like Kim Kardashian.

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Damien is out but Danny Loecken is in! Don't worry it doesn't sound as bad as you think because we had Danny sub for Damien today. Blackman talks about The Darkest Hour and two old guest. A comedian said Blackman sucks when it comes to hosting an open mic. We talked about losing our virginity which later we had to call Damien to give his own losing his virginity story. Not only that we gave our take on a black James Bond and the Stars Wars Storm Trooper. Plus in the spirit of Christmas...we talked about Krampus. Today show was long, funny and out of control so you don't wanna miss this one!

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Before things get started right out of the gate Damien starts something that Blackman and Zack they think is dumb in the first place. We had an old friend as a call in for the news later on in the show. Zack blacked out drunk kissed a guy while Blackman seen the girl he took to the Chrismast Party hugged up on another guy. Plus Blackman talked about being on the 8-Bit Bourbon and hating Al Sharpton.

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Cody Bush from Penguin Knife Fight is in the studio today. Damien asked a question from last show that really turned into a good story. Blackman talks about the company Christmas Party and how his date acted. The guys cover Eric Garner, black bears and Damien got a kick out of the Tempe pastor Steven Anderson how call for killing all gays.

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