The Offensive Line

Todays show is filled with nerdy stuff including a man cutting off his penis and a woman hating Chinese people. We look a movie trailer for the new Avengers movie. Damien is out because he had stuff to do but we still have things to talk about. The show was a little less gay in fact but still funny.

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Guest what? We had another last minute canceled guest. After requesting other people to get on the show he had no choice but to go with Ruben again. This time via Skype because Ruben is in a different state working on a new project. So get ready for some drop Skype calls and screw ups due to adding new hardware into the mix. 

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Kristin stops in to promote the documentary she is working on. We learn why she earned the name "Man Hater". Plus Damien told us about taking a little off the top with his old lover. Blackman, Damien and Zack talk about equal rights for everyone not just women. The crew ask Kristin about having a twin sister and going to Full-Sail. Oh do anyone know what is a Booty Goblin?

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The guest canceled at the last minute so it was just us again. So we just winged it once again and had a pretty good show. Zack gives his first ever rant while Damien discusses booties on white women. Blackman talks about a get together the night before and going to a techno rave thingie.

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