The Offensive Line

Business owner Nick Covert is on the show this episode. He talks about what it takes to run a business. Zack talks about Black College Week and BP damage control when it comes to the beach. Damien talks about a guy that have a gift when it comes to D batteries. Blackman and Nick talk about some of the things that went down at the business that Nick Covert runs with his wife. Nick give his takes on Blackman's ex-girlfriend when it comes to her drinking problem.

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Hadyn Polk a good friend of Damien and Zack was around when we were going over marketing. Things were so good that the crew said "Why not record another show." and got things going. We learn about Hadyn skills when it comes to golf, being a hairy goblin and trolling break-ups. Damien try to stop the gay talk but couldn't. Then the crew talked about marketing ideas which Blackman had a hard time with.

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Drew Owens, a software developer for a game company is in the studio today. Drew talks about school, work and looking like Steve Urkel's doppelganger. Blackman recaps a break up that happen because the House Warming party. Drew and Blackman tell everyone about life as a software developer and working for a big time game studio in Orlando. Zack text people nudes before and join the show. Damien take phone calls but not the ones that everyone is happy about. Plus an update on The Michael Brown saga. Damien corrects Blackman on Jesus skin color and background.

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Vanessa Valdes, a nurse and friend of Blackman's was on the show today to talk about her job and schooling. The guys talk about the house warming party the day before. Damien had to use will power to not complete his bucket list. Ramon Molledo seen something on the Facebook page that calls into question Damien's karma. Tommy O' Neil lost his cool to the wrong people at the Natura Thursday Open Mic Night. Blackman talks about a fight that dates back to his high school years. This show is longer funnier and more action packed.

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We're in a new studio and we had Danny Loecken from Penguin Knife Fight back in the mix. Since it's in Blackman's new apartment the boys give themselves a tour and came out with some findings. We talked about the pictures Damien posted on Blackman's Facebook Timeline. Zack ask Danny how Penguin Knife Fight got there name. Plus how we missed old WB shows and Oprah. This show is longer and more action packed but was edited by Blackman so it might not sound so hot. Sorry there is a first time for everything.

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The crew did a live show a Tampa-Bay Comic-Con after taking a week break. They talk to people who stopped in and gave there take on of the big changes in the comic book world. People out in the halls could hear the show and stopped in just to listen. For the first comic-con it really wasn't that bad. We all had a lot of fun and can't wait to do it again.

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